My name is Allan B. Kristiansen and I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Copenhagen with a background in the Humanities at the University of Copenhagen.

I have been drawing, painting, playing music, etc. for as long as I can remember. I spend as much time as possible being creative in my free time - when playing music, creating visuals for bands or collecting tattoos and vintage guitars I always focus on the aesthetic aspect.

—Multimedia design

At the moment I am studying multimedia design at KEA, Copenhagen, where I mainly focus on visual communication, digital aesthetics and front end development.

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Graphic designer—

I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in
Copenhagen. I mainly focus on print, illustration, web
design and digital media.

Abstract David Gilmour illustration

_Mixed media

Rooster illustration

Strong visual concepts

Through forward-thinking design, minimal aesthetics and thoughtful concepts I strive to construct solutions that connect with people no matter what medium I am working with.

Mario Balotelli illustration
abk letter space ik blue poster

Less is simply more

I strongly believe that a simplistic
yet engaging approach to design is the best way to
communicate a message.

Post modern album artwork mockup


Camera on wall photo

Out with the old

I aim to create well-thought-out
concepts and utilize any new
medium that I see fit.
This leads me to learn new techniques, follow current trends and try out fresh ideas.

Abstract minimalist cardboard mockup
35mm photography zine layout

Aesthetic outlook

Abstract and avant-garde

I have formed my creative and aesthetic outlook to indulge in the abstract, avant-garde and minimal approach which is also the core of my musical background. Being submerged in a punk subculture has shaped my views and ideas about design.